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Butter is normally produced from the milk of cows. But butter is also made from the milk of other mammals like goats, sheep, and buffaloOn the other hand, Peanut butter is made from roasted ground peanuts. Peanut butter is a spreadable food product. It is free of trans fats. It is rich in several nutrients. […]

Profiteroles Eclair Bites

craving for cream-filled dessert?Try these profiteroles bites now!profiteroles eclair bites (also known as Cream Puffs) are perfectly round Choux pastry buns, filled with freshly whipped cream and topped with different premium ganache like chocolate, Nutella, and lotus biscoff. It’s simple, classic, and addictively delicious.profiteroles were a BIG part of my childhood, I used to eat […]

Flavourful Box of Brownies

Box, full of happiness and love! There are so many flavors you want to try? so this flavourful brownies box is definitely the one for you. This box can be called “THE BROWNIES FAMILY BOX”. Box has 12 mini-size brownies all of which are bursting with your favourite flavor.These are moist and fudgy flavor base […]


(Brownie pizza) have you seen pizza-shaped brownies?let me tell you about this pizza-shaped classic brownie,Homemade Wholesome was the pioneer to introduce these pizza-shaped brownies in Pakistan on 19 March 2019 and named it “Browneizza”It’s A 7″ thick and fudgy brownie base, top notched with homemade chocolate ganache, surface topped by four different chocolates. one chocolate […]


Hankering for soft mellow cinna’rolls?Homemade Wholesome is here to fulfill your craving with homemade cinna’rolls.Here Artisanal uses Cinnamon Rolls instead of common regular Cinnamon buns.These are soft and puffy rolls, butter is openhandedly applied in the layers of Swirls of the rolls and sheeted with cinnamon brown sugar. And then Generously slathered with In-house made […]

The Homemade Wholesome Club

Welcome to THWC, here you will be able to get the detail info about running your own homemade bakery venture, complete guide about packaging and supplies, how to cope up with self doubts as a home baker, pricing your home baked goodes along with easy tips and tricks and some tested fool proof recipes. Here’s […]


LOADED GRANOLA MIXFeeling lazy, exhausted, and out of Energy?Stop scrolling and Order HEALTHY GRANOLA MIX!Granola provides protein and important micronutrients like iron, vitamin D, folate, and zinc.Once you will try homemade granola, you won’t go back to the store to buy granola. It’s so much better!Homemade wholesome granola mix is famous because we made it […]

Levain NYC-style Cookies

These cookies are inspired by the famous Levain bakery in NYC.if you love cookies with crispy and golden edges then these cookies are definitely for you!Levain NYC-style cookies are soft and gooey inside,thick and crispy from the outside.They’re are big,buttery,and completely irresistible.There are various varieties in these cookies, like granola cookies,Classic chocolate chunk cookies, Classic […]


Have you heard about our newly launched brownies?Embellished brownies are our new bring-out, which is the perfect sweet course to gift loved/special ones.They are extremely soft, mouth in melt brownies with gooey inside.We named them Embellished brownies because they are stamped with different patterns (edible), from the outsideps: the pattern will be different each dayWhat […]



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