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Butter is normally produced from the milk of cows. But butter is also made from the milk of other mammals like goats, sheep, and buffalo
On the other hand, Peanut butter is made from roasted ground peanuts. Peanut butter is a spreadable food product. It is free of trans fats. It is rich in several nutrients. It is very good for the improvement of health. for example
⦁ Boosting heart health
Peanut butter contains many nutrients that can improve heart health.
⦁ Reducing the risk of breast disease
Eating peanut butter, especially from a young age, may certainly reduce the risk of breast disease.
⦁ Weight loss
It helps to maintain weight or even helps with weight loss.
⦁ Maintain blood sugar levels
Peanut butter is a relatively low-carbohydrate food that contains handsome amounts of protein, fats, and some fiber.
Peanut butter can be a healthful option when people enjoy it as part of a healthy diet.
Homemade wholesome (care about your health.)
we make peanut butter with love and 100% natural roasted peanuts.No artificial food chemicals are used in this. No sugar and no oil added.
It Sweetened with pure honey on demand
A day without peanut butter is a day without smiles.
Those who have a peanut allergy should avoid peanut butter as it could trigger a potentially deadly reaction.

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