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Welcome to THWC, here you will be able to get the detail info about running your own homemade bakery venture, complete guide about packaging and supplies, how to cope up with self doubts as a home baker, pricing your home baked goodes along with easy tips and tricks and some tested fool proof recipes. Here’s a lill Background:
Homemade Wholesome is Run by a Woman Entrepreneur, self-taught, and God Gifted, Urooj Saeed.
She is a house and well known for her Perfection in Baking.
Homemade Wholesome is growing every day, Alhamdulillah and it’s turning 8.

Mission & Vission:
In Karachi, we know that the Public demand for an eatery is A Good Portion Size. A quantity that’s filling and quality that’s hygienic. When we say Homemade, we want you to trust us with Cleanliness and Hygiene. The owner is a Mom, a Daughter, and a Wife and she strongly believes that Health Comes First.

Clients & Customers:
We prepare all the orders, with love, and cleanliness, and each and everything is Freshly Prepared. We pack them as soon as we receive your orders. And make sure that they are carried with care. We keep same-day Boxes of Brownies available to Satisfy your Cravings by delivering on the same day.

Love and Support:
All your Love and Support have made Homemade Wholesome what it is today, after 7+ years of hard work. The Love and Support that we get on every bite of our Product from our Customers motivate us to Bring new Quality Products and Work with even more consistency. Special Thanks to all the Customers. ❤❤

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