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Hankering for soft mellow cinna’rolls?
Homemade Wholesome is here to fulfill your craving with homemade cinna’rolls.
Here Artisanal uses Cinnamon Rolls instead of common regular Cinnamon buns.
These are soft and puffy rolls, butter is openhandedly applied in the layers of Swirls of the rolls and sheeted with cinnamon brown sugar. And then Generously slathered with In-house made Cream cheese frosting.
Recommend to warm it for 30 seconds and take the ride in ultimate joy.
They are fluffy and mouth-in melt Cinna’ Rolls
These Cinna’Rolls are wholly hand-baked and hand-carved.
Order this best homemade sweet course now from Homemade Wholesome and enjoy the moment.

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Available on Tuesday slot only

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