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A chocolate brownie or simply a brownie is a square or rectangular piece of
chocolate-baked confection, it is made very much like cake. But the Authentic &
Real Brownies are Extremely moist, Fudgy, dense, and gooey.
Brownies came into being because socialite and philanthropist Bertha Palmer
was head of the Board of Lady Managers for the 1893 World’s Columbian
Exposition. She directed Palmer House pastry chefs to come up with a recipe
for a dessert that would be easy to transport in boxed lunches at the Women’s
The first brownie recipe to appear in print was in the 1896 Boston
Cooking-School Cook Book, written by Fannie Farmer

Everyone loves dense, fudgy brownies. When the brownie cravings
hit hard, we have to depend on bakeries, where we can’t get that
taste we are craving. In this workshop, you will learn baking perfect
Brownies which are chewy and fudgy with every minute detail, tips,
and tricks.

Brownie QueenUrooj Saeed will guide you gradually about the
brownie you love and crave for. She will also endow you with
different recipes for different cravings. If you are planning to throw
a party, and bake brownies, be a guest of the workshop, so you will
be able to do it with perfection

Everyone, who loves brownies, and is interested in unlocking a new
skill about brownie baking.

The workshops will be live and for the age group of 13+. (Limited
The host *Urooj Saeed* makes it easier for all to get up to speed on
the selected topic and have a fun learning session.
Everyone interested in the workshop topic can register for it.

Please read the description of the workshop carefully. If there will
be prerequisites, you need to get them arranged beforehand for the
hands-on experience.



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